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9th April 2012

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How Tumblr Changed My Life

Per the instructions of topherchris, I thought I’d get this out of the way.  I met this girl at a Tumblr meetup in 2010.  This October, I’m marrying her.  There are going to be river otters at our reception.  It’s pretty rad.  When people ask how we met, I just say “the internet.”

What’s your Tumblr story? Has Tumblr changed your life in any profound or personal ways? We want to know — and if you’re game, your story could become part of STORYBOARD, a big secret project we’re working on. Post your story (or your gif, or video) with the STORYBOARD tag, or if you’d like to submit privately, use this form.

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  1. myownmelt said: I didn’t see this post before you told me this story… Obvs. But good stuff!
  2. illustratedexample said: I’ve never met anyone thanks to tumblr. That’s fucking lame as shit.
  3. yrfriendliz said: the beers in shannon’s pockets <3
  4. leeleeleelee posted this
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