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13th December 2010

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The Texas Rangers Promise this isn’t Spam

If you went to a Texas Rangers game this year and are subscribed to their newsletter, you’re going to get the most hilarious marketing email ever.  Look at some of these answers.

Do you associate “being real” with the Texas Rangers? Well, you better because guess what buddy? They actually exist! Let’s plop down a checkmark there.  Sharing the same “Texas values”?  You know that vague idea you’ve got about Texas in your mind. Well, the Rangers have that exact vague thing as well. Checkapalooza!

But wait, it gets better:

Hold the phone.  Why isn’t “Chuck Norris” an answer?

Y’know, one of the best things I like about Josh Hamilton is how Ford Pickup he is.  Wenever he’s by the centerfield bleachers, I make sure to yell out “dumps like a truck” as loudly as possible until I either am removed from the game or Josh gives an awkward wave back.  And CJ Wilson?  Is that guy Viper or what?

I hope the Marketing department of the Rangers is hiring.

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  3. justbitchesanddrinks said: Is there a box for “getting shithammered on Opening Day after playing hooky from work?” ‘Cause that’s my most distinct Rangers “feeling”.
  4. illustratedexample said: Oh man thats amazing, I hope the Rangers start branding themselves as Wild West Texas’ Lexus
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