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22nd June 2012

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I’m obviously very biased in my opinion of Mark Cuban because I’m (1) a Mavs fan and (2) a former employee for a Cuban owned business, but I would follow this guy to Hell and back.  Do yourself a favor and watch the entire video of Cubes on First Take.  I’m surprised that Skip Bayless didn’t piss his pants or try to punch Mark in the face.  Cubes was in rare form of badassery here.

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  2. heathernicolezilla said: You forgot….3) he saved the parade!!
  3. illustratedexample said: Everything he said was absolutely true, these morons like Bayless just go out there and throw “facts” around like they’re actually true and coors light swilling dipshits eat it up. Cuban is an asshole, but he’s a smart asshole.
  4. whyamiinseminary said: eff mark cuban. what true pittsburgher moves to texas and buys an nba franchise? where were those bucks when we needed them for the local teams? ugh
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    This is pretty great.
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