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12th January 2011

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Multiple Comic Creators Request HeavyInk to Stop Carrying Their Comics →

Heavy Ink is the comic book retailer I posted about yesterday. Now, Nick Spencer and Gail Simone have asked Heavy Ink to no longer carry their comics.  I know what you’re thinking, (1) it’s just two writers and (2) there’s no promise that Heavy Ink will comply.  Well, consider this:

Nick Spencer is the creator of Morning Glories, one of the most popular stories in the comic book world nowadays. In its first year, you basically had to preorder copies, because they sold out so fast.  The story is also BEGGING to be made into a movie.  Oh, and did I mention the Spencer is also the lead writer for Supergirl, Iron Man 2.0, and Action Comics??? Action Comics is the comic the debuted Superman. Not exactly a lightweight.

Gail Simone is the traveling writer with DC that is currently writing for Wonder Woman and several titles under the Brightest Day group.  Brightest Day is the main Green Lantern banner and it will blow the fuck up after the movie comes out.  Comic stores get most of their new customers after Marvel, DC, or other movies debut (see: all of the people who started reading Scott Pilgrim the week it came out).

These are two huge DC writers to come out against this.  Hopefully, some Marvel, Image, and IDW writers join their fight.  Do not buy from Heavy Ink.

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