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4th December 2012

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Yeah, it matters.

Ah yes, .159% of the total value of his $75.5M contract. I’m sure BJ was losing a lot of sleep over that.  Waking up with cold sweats in the middle of the night, wondering if he’ll be able to afford gold trim on 1 of his 49 throw pillows.  Will his pet shark be able to eat name brand canned dolphin?  Will he have to politely turn down the metric ton caviar on sale at Whole Foods? What a terrifying world for the absurdly wealthy we’re entering my friends. #tcot #p2 #illuminati

It probably has nothing to do with his agent wanting his 3% of a bigger number or anything.

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    Close the damn loopholes. I should not be paying more in taxes than GE.
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    It’s just a bit or perspective. This isn’t about B.J. Upton — it’s about how much the fiscal cliff will affect the...
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    Pardon my language, but what the fuck is the point that so-called “conservatives” are trying to make with complaints...
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    Will NO ONE think of the millionaires? Cry me a river. #heritagefoundationFAIL #SorryIdon’tcareaboutaRICHbaseballplayer...
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    I guess there’s something beyond the bottom of the barrel after all.
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    Emphasis mine. Jesus fucking CHRIST ON A CRACKER this is too much, even for you, heritage. Even BJ himself would...
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    Which is it that makes political conservatives who don’t have the means or motive to do off-shore banking identify with...
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    I like that they’re so concerned about one of the highest paid players for this example. I mean they aren’t poor, but...
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