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26th April 2012

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Arrested Development, Season 1, Episode 6 - “Visiting Ours”

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1st June 2010

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Bob Loblaws Law Blog played a strong game and went home with the first place prize, a set of chattering teeth and the promise to rein as “Quiz Kings” for weeks to come.”

The Bob Loblaw’s Law Blog 68
The Reconsider Loungers 67
The Minoriteam 65
PB and J 65
Jeff Buckley Swim Team 62
Crackers w/a Hint of Salsa 59
Smell the Glove 59
Virgin Mary’s Rosary Anal Beads 59
Good Ass BBQ-ers and Foot Massagers 59
Fellatio Del Toro 54
Cervical Bruises 50
Dennis James Coleman Trio 50
Bandersnatch 50
Shagnasty 50
Brianna and Tanner 48
Man Baby 48
No Names 43

H/T to Miss Marino for the Team Name idea.  The girl that hosted this week was probably the one person in America that had not seen Arrested Development.  She could only get a little, because it was quite a mouthful.

(via: Geeks Who Drink)

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