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21st February 2012

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Cancel your plans tonight.  You remember reading those stories about people getting high on bath salts?  The bath salts that are pretty much Crystal Meth with a big helping of crazy? 

Well, apparently last night’s episode of Intervention had a guy named Skyler that is addicted to them!  He spends his day like anyone would that gets high on bath salts.  He makes weapons to fight the shadow people (HuffPo exclusive of weapons here). 

Don’t have cable?  You’re in luck! The entire episode is available for free on A&E’s website!  HAPPY MARDI GRAS, NO ONE!


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12th August 2011

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So, today I started googling random old friends’ names from high school like everybody does during their lunch break (right?).  When I was in high school and college, I was pretty involved with the local punk scene before heroin came and destroyed it all.  Though I would never ever ever touch the stuff, I saw 3 friends pass away from overdoses, including my old band’s drummer in 2008.  One of our friends named Sarah was a few years younger than us and looked up to some of the older guys.  She fell hard for the junk and the last I heard about her was in 2005/6 when she was strung out and with hepatitis.  When googling her, I honestly thought that I might find an obituary.

Well, good news! She got clean in 2006 thanks to a faith based rehab and is now working as a drug counselor there and is married to another counselor! This is like one of those really happy endings to Intervention!  Now, I’m going to try to find a way through the interwebs to connect and congratulate her.

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3rd January 2011

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Though he grew up in a close-knit family, Joe has felt lonely and isolated all his life. As a child, he was tormented by neighborhood boys, and his father viewed him as a failure. At age 8, Joe learned “the choking game,” in which a person uses his hands to cut off the oxygen supply to his brain to get high. Joe loved the sensation, and choked himself daily throughout childhood. In high school, Joe discovered drugs, and now he’s a heroin addict. Joe is killing himself, and his family is desperate to intervene.

Joe, Season 9 of Intervention, addicted to self-asphyxiation and heroin.

When Joe was in treatment and told other people that he was addicted to heroin and choking himself, I wonder how many other addicts pissed themselves in fear.

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