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10th March 2013

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The NFLPA has a comic out…

…and (besides the art) it’s god awful.

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23rd March 2012

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I’m not sure how Mark Millar is going to film Kick-Ass 2 this Summer, but if it’s anything like the comic books, get ready for possibly the first NC-17 comic book movie.  This shit was dark as Hell.  Rape, decapitations, and a lotof random murders throughout.  Still, it was amazing and at the end of the issue, Millar announced a Hit Girl spinoff beginning this Summer!

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30th December 2011

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Welcome to Bryan, Texas: home of the sketchiest “comic book store” ever.  I put that in quotations because it has to be a front for something.  Yes, it is in a sketchy, dark, old house in the corner of an even sketchier parking lot.  But it gets a lot better for this home of “comics, books, and games.”

As soon as we walk in, we see that the actual comic book store part of the place takes up the size of an average apartment’s kitchen.  Wait, not average.  Think Dallas, one bedroom average.  On one wall are the comic books, and on the other is way too many D&D books.  I check the list of new releases from the cashier who looked to be around 60 years old with a 7 day beard and a stained black t-shirt.  I see that the new Deadpool and new Kick-Ass 2 came out.

As soon as I said the second title, he said “sold out” (first words he said to me since I walked in).  Note that this is about 2 hours after they opened on a Wednesday in BRYAN.  I say OK and head towards the marvel for Deadpool.  He then said that they were sold out of ALL NEW MARVELS. 

This has never happened to me ever.  And it’s pretty hard to believe that every nerd in Aggieland descended upon this store within two hours like ravenous vultures yearning for the meat of superheroes.

Rather than get a DC comic, I opted to leave.  The only thing the cashier said to me was “sold out.” Twice. Shannon then mentions the beaded doorway that lead to the rest of the store (60% of the actual store).  Oh, and did I mention that this place used to be a porn shop?  I think they must’ve gone back after old customers, because something serious sketch is going on there.

Long story, short: When traveling to the country on comic book release day, have your local shop keep your comics on hold for you.  Or you’ll risk reenacting that dungeon scene from Pulp Fiction.

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24th July 2011

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I put most of my nerdiness in one box. Most of it, at least. (For scale, this box is 5.5 feet deep)

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28th January 2011

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Hopefully the queue decides to work now!

I have eight (EIGHT) comics in my to-read pile. EIGHT. I’m 25 years old. I should have my reading schedule figured out by now.

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12th January 2011

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Multiple Comic Creators Request HeavyInk to Stop Carrying Their Comics →

Heavy Ink is the comic book retailer I posted about yesterday. Now, Nick Spencer and Gail Simone have asked Heavy Ink to no longer carry their comics.  I know what you’re thinking, (1) it’s just two writers and (2) there’s no promise that Heavy Ink will comply.  Well, consider this:

Nick Spencer is the creator of Morning Glories, one of the most popular stories in the comic book world nowadays. In its first year, you basically had to preorder copies, because they sold out so fast.  The story is also BEGGING to be made into a movie.  Oh, and did I mention the Spencer is also the lead writer for Supergirl, Iron Man 2.0, and Action Comics??? Action Comics is the comic the debuted Superman. Not exactly a lightweight.

Gail Simone is the traveling writer with DC that is currently writing for Wonder Woman and several titles under the Brightest Day group.  Brightest Day is the main Green Lantern banner and it will blow the fuck up after the movie comes out.  Comic stores get most of their new customers after Marvel, DC, or other movies debut (see: all of the people who started reading Scott Pilgrim the week it came out).

These are two huge DC writers to come out against this.  Hopefully, some Marvel, Image, and IDW writers join their fight.  Do not buy from Heavy Ink.

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11th January 2011

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Online Comic Shop Owner Applauds the Giffords Shooting in Tucson →

This is a link to a news article about it, because I refuse to let the owner of Heavy Ink get any hits on his blog from mine.  In the post, he not only applauds the shooter, but he actually exclaims “534 to go”.

This is beyond batshit insane for me to even think about. Of course, this is incredibly insensitive and an incredibly violent thought for anyone to have.  But, what really genuinely hurts my feelings about it is that it came from a comic store owner.  Comic store owners are mostly comic nerds that have dreamed about opening their own shop.  Even though we’ve been ostracized most of our lives for being nerds, comic shops are like a little utopia for us to be ourselves and talk about storylines, art, and new movies. 

After Columbine in 1999, shit got insane for nerds and all people who were different.  One person from my Computer Science 5 class was expelled because they thought he was going to bomb the school (with his HARMONICA that he was playing).  Another friend withdrew to go to homeschool because he got tired of the school asking him why he ate alone.  Even I had the police come to my Calculus class where I was handcuffed in front of my entire class because I emailed someone asking about my expelled friend.  And that was just one semester of my senior year.

Boycott HeavyInk.  Tell your friends.  There are plenty of other ways to get your comics.  Make sure nerds don’t get the crazed loner tag again.

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13th October 2010

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I know that most of my followers aren’t comic readers, but I just want you to know just how badly X-Men is (once again) jumping the shark. 

That is Wolverine. As a vampire.  Because the vamp version of Jubilee bit him.  Oh, and did I mention that this is all because of Dracula’s son with Daddy issues?  Well, better call Maury soon, because Namor, Gambit, and Storm have reunited Drac’s head and body so they can all sit down and have a heart to heart.  Yeah, I know. What the fuck?

And now, back to your regularly scheduled Rangers spam.

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21st July 2010

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Monica, while it’s impressive that you can comment on a message board and prepare sandwiches at the same time, I don’t think your husband would like it if he knew you were on the internet having opinions.

Captain America as a ”conservative” patriot?  Is that why FDR was the one who gave Steve Rogers his shield? Or why in the 1960’s, he trained the first African American superhero? Or why when his best childhood friend comes out of the closet in the 1980’s, Cap accepts him for who he is? Or how about when he met privately with President Obama after the Superhero Civil War (and before Obama was featured in The Amazing Spiderman)?

If anything, Captain America has been a beacon and force of progressivism in the comic book world.

Monica, blow your revisionist view of superheroes out your fucking ass.

Update: Also, The Watchdogs, Cap’s enemies since the 1980’s, are a self-described “right wing terror group”! Donny Monica, you’re out of your element.

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