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6th March 2014

Video reblogged from BIG TEXAS BEER FEST with 10 notes


Hi everybody! My name is Lee and I have the great honor of managing the Big Texas Beer Fest tumblr and sharing everything fantastic about this amazing celebration of everything craft beer that takes place in the heart of Dallas this April.

My hobbies include:

  • Beer
  • Traveling the world to find more beer

Stay tuned for some more updates about this great festival!

So, this is happening. I’m still working out some kinks on layout and appearance, but this blog is going to be a wonderful celebration of everything craft beer, Dallas, the Big Texas Beer Fest, and getting day drunk with your best friends.

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14th February 2014

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To the 6 or 7 people that listen to 105.3 The Fan and the Ben and Skin show in Dallas, you might want to stop.

If you haven’t read it yet, be sure to check out the final investigation report or at least the highlights on Richie Incognito and the world he put Jonathan Martin into.

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10th February 2014

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Legendary Dallas punk club, Red Blood Club, to reopen in March →

I’m not sure how valid this story is, but apparently Red Blood Club, a legendary Dallas punk venue from the late 90’s and early 2000’s is supposed to reopen in March of this year.

It closed back in 2008 after a brief reopening after a multiple stabbing occurred outside it, stemming from  a disagreement between a skinhead gang. It also closed down briefly before that after heroin finally killed enough of the Dallas scene for people to stop going to local shows.

I have a lot of mixed feelings about RBC opening back up again. On one hand, some of my best memories come from this club. I was front row for some of the best bands of the era, including Leftover Crack, The Adicts, The Unseen, A Global Threat, and other bands that no one here recognizes. I shared great, sweaty, bruised memories with some of my best friends.

But, on the other hand, RBC is a memory that I can’t separate from the memories of my friends who got hooked on, and eventually died from, heroin. Another standout is when one of my best friends (who is now dead from an OD) sold pills to one of my favorite band’s drummer. That drummer OD’d off of those pills that night. So, I’m a little bit angry at the club and the culture that festered there, but maybe that’s just another part of looking back on your punk days.

I’ll definitely go to the opening night of Red Blood Club. I just hope the scene is more of the first set of memories than the latter this time around for the next generation of kids who just want to make friends they can scream along with.

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25th January 2014

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Hey guys, there’s a terrible guerrilla art exhibit at White Rock Lake if that’s your kinda thing.

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22nd August 2013

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On in 3 minutes on 1310 AM KTCK The Ticket in Dallas: the Johnny Quinn story.

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21st August 2013

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If you live in the Dallas area, or even if you don’t, and you want to hear a good sports story, listen to 1310 AM The Ticket tomorrow morning at 8:55 AM.

I’ve grown up with Johnny for the last 23 years.  He would have been a groomsman in my wedding if it didn’t interfere with his tour schedule. Johnny was the Gatorade Player of the State in Texas in high school, the all time leading offensive player for University of North Texas football team (and got a couple bowl rings to show for it), bounced around from the Buffalo Bills, the Green Bay Packers, and up North in the CFL, and finally ended up with his current job, a member of Team USA’s bobsled team preparing for the 2014 Winter Olympics.

Johnny is the most gifted athlete I have ever known and his story of bouncing around in football, getting called too small to play the game (he broke a weight lifting record at the Olympic training center last week), and finally ending up here is one of my favorite stories in sports and he deserves all of the recognition he can get.

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13th July 2013

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I will be at the forefront against Carona when he comes up for re-election. We will never forget what happened tonight and how he used his vote for the city of Dallas and the state of Texas today.

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13th July 2013

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Senator John Carona - Abortion Voting Records →


For anyone else in District 16 in Dallas.

John Carona doesn’t deserve to represent our city. Remember this moment.

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11th July 2013

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As a Latino in Dallas, I’m getting some pretty great Google ads today.

Sen. Carona was also the asshole who introduced the Craft Beer Poison Bill that was thankfully killed in committee.

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13th May 2013

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If you’re in Dallas this weekend and want to drink a shit load of craft beer that is literally illegal to sell or purchase, stop by Bishop Arts in Oak Cliff (that’s my hood) for the 2013 Brew Riot competition.  I’m competing this year with a friend’s home brew club and we’re hoping not to come in last place.

It’s a suggested donation of $20, but you can pay whatever you want for unlimited beer.  It’s basically going to be a drunk version of Portlandia.

So, yeah. Come out to Oak Cliff on Sunday 5/19 and drink our amazing beer that we spent all day yesterday making and we’ll spend all day next weekend making again.

We’ll have the following:

  • Irishman’s Breakfast (Oatmeal Milk Stout)
  • Farmboy’s Saison (Belgian Saison)
  • Honey Brew Brew (Honey Amber)

You’ve always wanted to see me get sunburned and daydrunk while rambling on about beer, this is the moment you’ve been waiting for.

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