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13th July 2012

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Shannon going out of town + $7 DEBC growler fills + pizza + terrible horror movies + Dr. Dorian = BEST BRO NIGHT EVER!

Also, this tap takeover is taking place at a grocery store. Why? Because Texas.

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25th May 2012

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Deep Ellum Brewing Company got a really good write up in the local CBS media, and it reminded me why this brewery has become my favorite brand and go-to for any craft beer.

Now, my Stan-hood for DEBC is well documented and Shannon and I were even one of the first people in DFW to sample their beers.  But what I love about them is that they’re not doing generic beers just to oversaturate the market in sub-par pilsners and IPAs all day long.  Even though they just opened last year, they already have a Barley Wine fermenting and their Farmhouse Wit (A Saison without any wheat) is one of the best Summer beers I’ve ever had. 

Dallas’ craft beer market is exploding in growth right now and I am so excited with the creativity and risk they’re taking.  Like Dogfish Head owner Sam Calagione once said (in so many words), “We could just sell nothing but IPAs and expand across the nation on it, but we don’t want that.  We want to continue to challenge craft beer drinkers.”

I’m just super excited/proud of Dallas. In 2010, we didn’t have a single brewery.  Now, we have 4 craft breweries pushing this thing as far as it’ll go.

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11th February 2012

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This is how I spent my Saturday morning.  It’s Deep Ellum’s first bottling ever. I got 2.

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9th February 2012

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At 11 AM at the Bolsa Mercado, 300 22 oz bottles of Deep Ellum Brewing Company’s Double Cherry Chocolate Stout will be available for purchase.  Odds are that this will be the only bottling of this beer… ever.  See you at 11 AM.

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