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7th January 2013

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"Why I Won't Be Cheering for Old Notre Dame" →

TW: Rape, Suicide

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3rd May 2012

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Pictured is a selection of posts from (former?) Notre Dame quarterback Tommy Rees’ facebook page before being arrested last night/this morning.  Shit, I would get drunk and YOLO around South Bend too if I had to listen to this crap 24/7/365.

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15th June 2010

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Notre Dame fans: Don’t worry. It’s just some bullshit statue in Ohio. The real T.D.J. is safe.

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30th November 2009

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Charlie Weis, you’re fuckin’ out!

Let’s buy the bar and get shitfaced. Get me paid, bitch!

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10th November 2009


We are at war. And during my time here I have done my share to keep morale high in the Navy.

Charlie Weis (via: Sports Pickle)

Yes, I do feel bad for posting this.

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8th November 2009

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Behind the Numbers: Notre Dame Weekend

  • Number of miles walked - 24
  • Times I had to relearn the words to Notre Dame Victory March - 2
  • Chicago douchebags sitting next to me and rooting for Navy - 5
  • Notre Dame bars I experienced - 5
  • Times I told quizzed people on the first team to play Notre Dame in the stadium* - 10+
  • Number of people standing up for the coach’s song after the game - 0
  • Number of people booing Weis during the coach’s song after the game - 50,000+

Off to the airport now. Goodbye South Bend. I hope you liked me.

*it was SMU!

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7th November 2009

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Pictured: Mike Golic, class of 1985 from Notre Dame, and Lee Knox, born in 1985.

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7th November 2009

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Game Day shirt. Thank you BT. Go Irish! Do something non-sexual to the Seamen!

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6th November 2009


Aaaaand touchdown Irish.

Wait, there are two flags down on the play.

"There are two penalties.  Personal foul on the offense.  Intentional grounding on the offense.  15 yard penalty.  Still second down."

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