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11th January 2012

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The Ron Swanson Baseball Hall of Fame

For Toughness
Cal Ripken
Lou Gehrig
Iron Man Joe McGinnity
Nolan Ryan (hat tip to Sean McNally)
Old Hoss Radbourn (no second hat tip to Sean McNally, as that would be awkward)

For Blatant Disdain For Unnecessary Rules and Regulations
Gaylord Perry
Jim Bunning
The 1890s Baltimore Orioles

For Love of Meat and Scotch
David Wells (knowing glance to Marc Normandin)
Billy Martin

For Nickname
Duke Snider

For Unquenchable Iconoclasm
R.A. Dickey
Dick Allen (Hostile Stare at the newly re-christened opportunist, SaberBoy)

For General Distrust of Authority
Luke Scott

For Killing a Man In Cold Blood
Carl Mays

(list via Fangraphs)

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